Drawing by children

What we have achieved

2020, we have found a school aligned with our purpose. "In crescendo Inc." offers opportunities for the children of Sincé Colombia so that through music they dream big and become extraordinary human beings.
Asaf Angels has decided to take direct responsibility for changing our environment in a positive way to benefit our young people

What do we offer?

With our foundation we are creating and offering the means to the new generations. As a result we hope that they will have the desire to lead their own lives, to improve and expand their skills and to live a full life.

We believe in music and its influence on personal growth, on the integral development of human potential, and on social education, as factors of change for a better world

What do we encourage?

Human values
The deterioration of altruistic social values and customs in the current generations is evident. We must transform this reality through effective programs to strengthen values and better human relations.